【Luxury bento · entertainment lunch box · luxury lunch box】 NET reservation reception only ※ There are notes on reservation.
4400 yen

Order more than 4 ~ possible / price will be 4400 yen ~.

We have started accepting NET reservations for cherry blossom luxury · entertainment lunch.Reservations will be received from "4 or more".In addition, please confirm the notes concerning reservation below.


«Please describe below on the request matter at the time of reservation.»

● Store receipt hope or delivery request * Delivery address · Name of the building listed

● Payment method ⇒ Cash on delivery or card or bill payment

● Types and number of box lunches

● In the case of a company reservation, mention of "company name"


«Bento Menu» ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

○ Kuroge Wagyu Beef Charcoal Grill Bento Bakery 2000 yen (excluding tax)

○ Grilled beef tanger cooked firewood bento ¥ 2000 (excluding tax)

○ Sakura Saki Special Cuts Sand 1100 yen (excluding tax)

○ Coloring curtain lunch box 1500 yen (excluding tax)

○ Roast beef and chicken tango bento 1,300 yen (excluding tax)

○ Large shrimp and roast beef bento 1,500 yen (excluding tax)

○ US sirloin steak bento 1380 yen (excluding tax)

○ Seawater weight 1300 yen (excluding tax)

○ Warm Kuroge Wagyu beef sukiyaki lunch box 2000 yen (excluding tax)

○ Curry of warm shrimp and beef 1200 yen (tax not included)

○ Western-style lunch box 2000 yen (excluding tax)

○ Roast beef weight 1100 yen (excluding tax)

○ Warm European style hamburg bag lunch ¥ 2100 (excluding tax)